Trading Justice for Peace?
Reconciliation as a Transformative Concept
in TRC Processes

The international research project ReconTrans (2019-2023) examines how and to what extent ‘reconciliation’ as a transformative concept and practice takes place in association with truth and reconciliation commissions (TRCs). ReconTrans facilitates comparative research across the TRC experiences in Norway, South Africa, and Canada.

Latest News

Follow reconciliation conference online Sept 21st – 22nd

Translating reconciliation into social and political reality is vital to TRC processes. ReconTrans conference “Cultivating Transformative Reconciliation” convened at VST in Vancouver, Canada on September 21st – 22nd, engages with this question in light of the Canadian, South African, and Nordic TRC experiences. See conference program here. Follow the conference online, either by registering for…

Book launch of first ReconTrans volume

Trading Justice for Peace? is now available open access. Free download here: https://books.aosis.co.za/index.php/ob/catalog/book/174 The chapters in this volume reveal the challenges, complexities and nuances of rectifying past and present injustices in order to transform societies. For a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to be considered trustworthy by those who have suffered, it cannot compromise justice for…

CALL FOR PAPERS: Decolonization Perspectives on Truth and Reconciliation


You are invited to submit a paper for the research conference “Reconciliation without the Majority? Civil Society Contributions to Truth and Reconciliation in the Settlement of the Norwegianization Policy”, convened at VID Oslo, Norway, May 4th to 6th, 2022. Accepted papers will get a time slot on May 6th. The working language is English.

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