Truth and Reconciliation Commission – quo vadis?

September 23rd, 1900-2100, ReconTrans (KUN/VID Tromsø) presents its first research results together with TRUCOM (UiT) at Internasjonalt Seminar in Tromsø (NB! Bankhjørnet, Rødbanken).

Norway’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (2018-2023) investigating the forced assimilation policy referred to as the Norwegianization policy represents a historic opportunity for the indigenous people, the national minorities, and the majority society of Norway. The demand for a public inquiry came from the Sámi and Kven communities, while the Norwegian Parliament set up the Commission. During the TRC period, the encounter with the civil society will influence the TRC’s eventual outcomes. Where are we at the moment?

The research projects ReconTrans (KUN/VID Tromsø) and TRUCOM (UiT) monitor the process. With almost two years remaining of the TRC period, what can the research add to the public conversation about the TRC process? We ask:

  • What are the connections between the political negotiations, the mandate, and its eventual implementation?
  • Is “truth and reconciliation commission” adding something new to the established instrument of a public “commission of inquiry”?
  • Where is the process? What is at stake? What are the opportunities?

Introductions by

Tore Johnsen, Assoc. Prof., Girkolaš oahpahusguovddáš davvin – KUN/VID Tromsø shares research findings from ReconTrans.

Eva Josefsen, Assoc. Prof, UiT – The Arctic University of Norway, shares research findings from TRUCOM.

Moderator: Tor Stranda, student chaplain, UiT.

The event is a collaboration between the Student Chaplaincy of UiT and KUN – VID Tromsø.